Human Resources Vision & Mission

Human Resources Vision

In line with our company’s mission and vision of our country by contributing to the recruitment of suitable work force to become the first choice.

Human Resources Mission

Recognizing the competitive environment, different human, raise the level of employee motivation, commitment, and employees of the company to continuously develop co-operation to increase the competitiveness of our group.

Human Resources Policy

We proudly opened the window;
All of our employees, our strategic plans and activities are based on lies, “Human Resources Policy” for us is the nature of contacts. Our company’s core values, culture, in other words, are legacies. All of our employees, our company culture which is part of the new employees as they are aware of this policy to our employees that we believe to be adopted by loving culture.
Human Resources Policy reflects the thinking of our company culture and we share with you this window.

Principles of Human Resources

>“The most important human resources”
“Our staff are a family”
“Quality-quality employees, we get – we feel that the development of the human quality”
“Productive, strive for innovation”
“Dynamic, creative, impulsive, hard-working people who aspire to work with”
“We allow our employees the opportunity to develop both themselves and their jobs”
“Internal promotion method to adopt”
“Adopting the philosophy of total quality, to detect internal and external customers’ expectations, we work with people who can meet these expectations in full and on time”
“For our company, as well as personally adopt a continuous improvement”
“Do not hesitate to make investments in human resources”
We aim for continuous learning and development ”
“Experiences, utilize”
“Report does not offer advice”
“To utilize constructive criticism”
“Afraid of the problems, solve them and seeks to take lessons”
“We work with a team spirit”
“Participatory management is our foundation”
“Amateur spirit, professional work”

Corporate Values

Focus on Success
Always be the best in all areas in which we operate and we aim to be at their highest.

Individual initiative
Individual initiative, customer-focused organization that can make the right decisions in this direction that we think and is an important değerdir.Since the best because, within the boundaries of the Authority’s work and expertise should believe in using take action.

Customer Focus
Product and after sales technical support, we determine the needs of our customers, help us keep fit changing customer demands and needs of our employees and our actions can have a customer-centric consciousness movement is a product of being customer-focus point.

Employees, customers, shareholders, honesty and mutual trust relationships with other stakeholders circumstances is based on. In all circumstances, fair and accurate name has become synonymous with UYAN ELEKTRIK act.