Steel Sheet Kıosks


In Uyan Elektrik Mak.Ins.san. ve Tic.Ltd.Sti. Steel Sheet Transformer Centers, steel sheet kiosks are easy to carry, assemble as they are light. Dimensions are formed according to the demands of customers

Steel Sheet Kiosks can also be sent as demounted depending on their dimensions.

Since Steel Sheet Kiosks are constructed on ready-made hot dipping galvanized base, concrete foundation on the site is required.



Steel sheet base is made of NPU 100 material and following the process of welding and leveling, it is galvanized through hot water dip method.

Carcass erections of steel kiosks and their coating are manufactured from 2-3 mmgalvanized sheets.

Steel sheet kiosks are dyed in standard RAL 7032 colour by electrostatic powder dyeing method, and a variety of colour options are offered with regard to harmony depending on where used.

Upon demand, steel sheet kiosks are manufactured as galvanized through complete hot-dip method.

Upon demand, steel sheet kiosks can be manufactured using different materials. Of such materials, galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel and sandwich panel are used.

Material choice in steel sheet designs are determined by natural environmental conditions, costs and customer demands.

Sizes of steel sheet kiosks are designed in accordance with customer requirements.