Mobile Transformer Centers


The most important quality of Uyan Elektrik Mak.Ins.san. ve Tic.Ltd.Sti. Mobile transformer centers is that such centers hold all required equipment which any transformer center must hold within its body and that it can be available in different places in a very short time.

In mobile transformer centers where manufacture up to 36 kV & 1600 kVA transformer power is realized, M.V. switchgear device (air or SF& isolated) transformer and L.V. distribution panel are integrated on mobile platform. Connections of M.V. switchgear device have been made, cables are wound on a reel, and the end parts which can be soon connected to the point where energy is received have been prepared.

All equipment integrated on mobile platform have been covered with metal as such they ensure proper level of protection. Thus, problem-free utilization of such equipment becomes possible in all weather conditions

Among the most important fields of utilization, for providing energy, in the most possible time, to the damaged distribution system due to natural disasters, such equipment can be used for temporarily resolving the problem of energy of small construction sites.

As mobile transformer centers are produced in proper weight and size, it does not require any special permit for transport and raod traffic.



Metal design & aluminium, stainless

Rapid  project engineering

Serial manufacture and delivery in a short time

Complete mobile quality

Optimum solutions, alternative options & wide product ranges

Classified  structure & half M.V.,L.V. and transformer sections

Turnkey solutions

Low operating cost

Possibility of change of place under different conditions

Little or maintenance-free equipment utilization

Equipment usage in compliance with standards

Electrostatic powder dye